Hazel Reeves



Artist Statement

I moved to Bend from Corvallis, Oregon, 10 years ago. I had been a Commercial Interior Designer for 35+ years before retiring. Born in Kentucky, where my relatives arrived in the mid-1700, I moved to Oregon 33 years ago and started painting about 15 years ago. My career in Interior Design has helped me in my desired destination in art. It has channeled my creative bent; whether it is determining the focal point in a space, visualizing a layout, or understanding a color selection; these design tasks subliminally honed my artistic success on canvas and paper. I paint in watercolor and create mixed media art. I am drawn to expressionist images and try to incorporate them within my paintings. I try to paint the subjective emotions and responses that objects and events arouse in me.

My education greatly influenced my art. I have a FA from Stephens College, a BA in Interior Design and an MA in Interior Design in color theory and how it influences our Aging Population; the latter two from University of Kentucky. 

My professional career has led me from healthcare design to sustainable design, to Senior Interior Designer for state government buildings in Oregon to artist. I’m a member of SageBrushers Art Society and the Watercolor Society of Oregon where I serve as VP for the WSO 100 Club.

"Tea Time" - 15 x 22 - Watercolor

"Tulips" - 9 x 12 - Oil

"Koi Pond and Fall is Here" - 20  x 14 - Watercolor