Janet Massimino 


(435) 640-4063 


Artist Statement

I am an abstract landscape painter drawing inspiration from daily outdoor experiences and annual wilderness excursions.  Vibrant color, layered textures and an underlying compositional structure are elements I deliberately use to describe my relationship with the natural world.  Oil and cold wax, encaustic and acrylic are ideal mediums for me to express the connection between the physical and metaphysical worlds and their transformative influences.  The complex structure of a rocky outcropping, the chaos of the dense forest undergrowth, or a colorful assemblage of garden flowers are loosely depicted in painterly fashion and in my mind are a metaphor for the complexities of life in today’s culture.  Through my work I strive to share the impact and profound value of experiencing the wild places that surround us.

"They Give Off Such Hints of Gladness", 10 x 7.5, mixed media on paper

"When My Peonies Bloom", 48 x 36, acrylic on panel

Janet Massimino

"Summer Pleasures", 24 x 22 oil/cold wax on panel