"City Energy", 15" x 18" , Watercolor

"Overstory: Pathways", 20" x 24" , Watercolor

"Storms A-Coming", 15" x 18" , Watercolor




Artist Statement

My journey with watercolors began over 18 years ago and during these years I’ve dabbled in still life, impressionism and a little abstract. But, my heart continues to be drawn back to semi-realistic interpretation of Mother Nature and all her beautiful flora and lively critters! I’ve had a life-long passion for the Natural World. Beautiful landscapes and wildlife never fail to inspire me. My watercolor paintings are a natural extension of those feelings and their unabated, powerful impact on me.

I chose watercolor as my medium specifically because of its transparency and luminescence. The layering of color-on-color reminds me of the play of light on a tree or mountain or lake as they pass through the hours of the day – from amber dawn to indigo evening. Watercolor painting is my personal odyssey of interpretation, growth and letting go!

“The purest gift is not of gold, but in art that awakens the soul.”

- Jack Gladstone, Blackfoot Tribe / Buffalo Café

Kathleen Kaye