Artist Statement


Since childhood I have always felt an inner joy when looking at the world around me. Growing up in Hoboken, New Jersey, I had an appreciation of the beauty of alleyways, brownstones and neighbors sitting on front steps, clouds and skies and the feel of old tree trunks, foggy nights and sound of fog horns from tug boats on Hudson River. All these gave me the gift of light, colors, shapes and sounds. 

My husband and I moved to Bend in September 2018 from Oakland, New Jersey to be near our daughter. I worked in graphic art departments for many years in New York City and New Jersey. My work experience consists of fine art, design, illustration, composite compositions in acrylic & watercolor, murals, animal portraits, and commissioned work. My formal training was with the School of Visual Arts, Ridgewood Art Institute, Art School at Old Church and William Paterson University. I've also studied independently as well as with various professional artists.

 "Rose on Green" - 17 x 23 - Watercolor

  "White Carousel Horse, NJ" - 17 x 21 1/2 - Watercolor

"Sandy waiting on front steps for dad" 

7 1/2 x 10 - Watercolor