Shireen Gastineau

Artist Statement

     I aim to give you mystery and puzzles that captivate you for a moment; causing you to pause, reflect, and think of possibilities. As a young woman I took every art class possible including a few private lessons in watercolor and pen & ink. While I had always held a love of photography, using my Mom’s Vivitar 110 camera in the 70’s, it wasn’t until the 90’s that my passion shifted from poetry and sketching to the photography world I have predominantly resided in since then. 

      The major body of my work is in digital; Abstracts & Architecture, though Nature was my first love. The freedom of creativity that arises out of this art form is the perfect balance of structure and whimsy for me. After capturing images, I begin the work of a mad scientist, mixing and blending together to create truly unique pieces. Growing up in the mountains and rivers of Southern Oregon, (with childhood pal, now hubby), for the past 6 years we have called the open and caring community of Central Oregon's our home.

'Sunshine in a mug’ , digital art photography 

'Garden festival of colors’. Watercolor

'Fertile Crescent’, Digital art photography

Shireen Gastineau