Julie Wilson



Artist Statement

I was once a traveling artist and gathered inspiration and pictures from the wonderful places I've been fortunate enough to visit.  The road provides plenty of inspiration and adventure. I took photos of our beautiful National Parks, vast scenery, animals, plants, trees, and rocks. Most of my work is inspired by nature, color, and texture. Working in fibers, using vibrant colors and rich diverse textures, I create weavings and feltings. Combining pictures and inspiration into colors and fibers makes the photos come alive. As if you have a piece of that actual place inside the fabric, that is now in your hands and in your life to experience all the time.

I have degrees in Art Education, Crafts & Psychology from Longwood University. I have roller skated in all of the lower 48 US states and visited 7 countries.  For some 20 years I have taught art to all ages and now have 2 kids.  Jactra Studios started at Artworks Richmond in Virginia, in 2008 and moved to Central Oregon in 2018. Jactra Studios at Artworks was known for bright fun artwork and my sandwich board wearing sidekick, a dachshund named Pebbles. Now you can find my work here and on Etsy.  I live in Redmond, Oregon and I am a member of the Central Oregon Weavers Guild and The Sagebrusher's Society.

Sea Dragon, 21 x 17, Dry felting

Swirl, 40 x 27, Dry Felting

Monument Valley, 16 x 18, Weaving