Sagebrushers Art Society was founded in 1952 by five women who wanted to promote the arts in Bend. They gained more members through the years until they realized that they needed a space to gather together with artists to create, explore and hold classes.

In 1959, the growing group began renting Sagebrushers’ current home at 117 SW Roosevelt Ave. in Bend, OR. The following year, they were able to purchase the building through a special agreement with the county for $1 to create an art space to benefit all those living within Deschutes County and the surrounding areas. The small house wasn’t large enough to accommodate the growing group, so members began raising funds to add on the studio space, which started in 1962 and was completed in 1968.

Today, Sagebrushers Art Society boasts over 150 members, holds classes for artists of all levels and provides studio space for them to work, meet and critique one another’s work.

Members exhibit in and sit the gallery. They also maintain the garden, the building and provide all the cleaning and repairs. Each artist contributes an annual membership fee and a suggested 15 hours per year of volunteer work.