Sagebrushers Art Society is managed and maintained by our members and we depend on members sharing their time and talents.

Members are asked to volunteer at least 15 hours each year.

There are many fun and interesting ways, indoors and out, to fulfill this requirement. Volunteer opportunities include:

  • Gallery Sitting: The Sagebrushers Gallery is open to the public 3 days a week, for three hours, and when open a ‘Gallery Sitter’ is needed. This is a fun way to help promote Sagebrushers to the public and, during low traffic times, use the studio. Sign-up sheets and instructions are in the studio or email stephanieh@sagebrushersartofbend.com.

  • Building Maintenance & Garden Work Parties: Watch the weekly communication emails and monthly newsletter for dates. These are fun days, with many hands making light work.

  • Donate Supplies: Our coffee, tea, paper towels, toilet tissue, etc. are all donated.

  • Join a Committee: This is a great way to put your talent to work – on publicity, fundraising, organizing classes or workshops, and more! Contact a board member or committee chair for more information.

  • Help with set-up/tear down for parties, meetings, shows and events.

  • And more!

Thank you for your help!

Sagebrushers wouldn’t exist without the support of our members.

For more information on volunteer opportunities or to sign up for an activity, please contact Stephanie Haas at stephanieh@sagebrushersartofbend.com