Charles “Chuck” Chamberlain


Artist Statement

     Chuck was born in Westport, CT and earned degrees from the University of Connecticut and Springfield College in Massachusetts. After graduating, he became a high school counselor and coached football, lacrosse, skiing, and baseball. When he was 30, Chuck's sister gifted him a paint-by-mail lesson. He traced a barn and silo onto the lesson paper and shaded it in with black and white paint. He proudly mailed it off, followed by a quick return, only now the lesson paper included a critique, and a reminder to draw on the correct side of the paper. 

     Chuck's self-taught style was originally influenced by his New England contemporaries, and his  preferred medium is acrylic paint on masonite. Acrylics allow him to create precise detail and bring to life the vibrant colors that are typically found in the regions he recaptures. 


     Chuck strives to recapture the solitude and antiquity of rural America, making his subjects the likes of forgotten old cars, tired wagon wheels, weathered covered bridges, and deteriorating barns. These paintings are created with a fanatical devotion to detail and authenticity and the textures, moods and colors evoke a remembrance of a quality, a pace of life that has almost been forgotten.

Chuck Chamberlain

"Unique Antiques", 16 X 20, Acrylic

Old and Tired, 'Deserted old barn in fall", 16 X 20, Acrylic

Steelhead Falls, 'Spring runoff", 18 X 24, Acrylic