Janet Rawlings-Spangler

Rawlings Fine Art




Artist Statement


   I consider it a gift to be able to view the world through the eyes of an artist. In my paintings, I want to tell a story to draw the viewer into experiencing the peacefulness that I felt painting it. My preferred medium of Soft Pastel enables me to express vivid color and creative mark-making. I enjoy the tactile application that it requires, which provides a direct connection to the movement and shapes I create. 

   My painting style is soft, impressionistic realism with a variety of subjects, including landscapes, wildlife, architecture and more eclectic subjects. The beauty and wonder of our physical world speaks particularly to my soul. It has also served as great therapy (while facing a lifetime of medical challenges). Once I begin a painting, I forget about pain and instead immerse myself in the process of creating something that resembles God's breathtaking creations.

""Drive Into Summer" 32 x 40, Soft Pastel

"Afternoon Journey" 24 x 30, Soft Pastel

"Warming In The Sun" 28 x 32, Soft Pastel