Scott Dyer Fine Art


Artist Statement

I currently live in Bend, Oregon. I think it is here where I feel so connected to nature and perhaps provided the proper environment for me to find myself artistically. Be it through oil, acrylic, watercolor or pencil sketch,  I have always been drawn to the idea of capturing a moment on canvas, capturing the beauty, poetry and emotion of that moment. I draw inspiration from such painters as John Singer Sargent, JW Waterhouse, Joaquin Sorolla, Peter Wood and many others. 

Each painting I create is sort of a practice piece to move me closer to that feeling of capturing perfectly all of those elements....which of course as an artist you never stop seeking.  The trick is to enjoy the journey and never the destination.  There is no greater validation for all the hard work than to see someone moved by your work. 

"Big Horn Sheep" - 24 x 36 - Oil

"Caribou" - 24 x 36 - oil

16 x 20 - Oil