Helen Brown in the Studio!


May 13th - Noon to 1PM

Medium: Batik

Helen Brown will be showing examples of her batik painting process from drawing in batik style to ironing off the wax and finishing the painting. Helen is a former French language instructor turned artist. She is a member of the Tumalo Art Co., the High Desert Art League and the Watercolor Society of Oregon.

Artist Statement

I enjoy the spontaneity of watercolor. When considering subjects to paint, I am attracted to those with interesting perspective, dramatic light and elements that are meaningful to me personally. Patterns, texture and unique shapes are particularly interesting to me.

I have been experimenting with papers and discovered that I love the texture and look of watercolor on ginwashi rice paper. In most of my paintings, I use a batik process where I apply a resist to the paper (either molten wax or liquid rubber latex) over previously applied colors that I really like. That preserves that color from any further glazing. Whether on 300 lb watercolor paper, or rice paper, the result is a luminous, transparent painting.

Space is limited.

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